Sincere Passover Greetings

Sincere Passover Greetings
Sincere Passover Greetings

Going through the 1952-1954 Executive Office files of HIAS President Ben Touster, I found a page from a Boston Jewish newspaper from the spring of 1953. A very small news item about Touster was circled; I trimmed it out of the yellowed and brittle newsprint to retain more easily in his files. I noticed that the articles were surrounded by Passover ads for local foods and wines, however, and scanned a few for this post.

Because these ads have nothing to do with HIAS, there is no need to retain them in the HIAS collection. They are however a reminder of Passover throughout the Jewish community, and the wonderful variety of local foods available for Passover in New England in the 1950s – when HIAS had a very active office and a large influx of Jewish immigrants. There is a collection at AJHS Boston, I-96, The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (Boston), which contains information on the activities of that HIAS branch office which opened in 1914.

Bensdorp Royal Dutch Cocoa
Bensdorp Royal Dutch Cocoa, an international cocoa company with, presumably, a Jewish customer base
Toy's Turkeys - "May be picked up at the Farm"
Toy’s Turkeys – “May be picked up at the Farm”









With the whipped butter from White Creamery, fresh eggs from A&P’s Sunnybrook brand and a turkey from Toy’s, Passover week looks like it would have been filled with good food. Not unlike today. Best wishes for a pleasant Passover.

Greetings for Passover, eggs "rushed from nearby farms"
Greetings for Passover … eggs “rushed from nearby farms”



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