Moishe Pipik’s Cuban Jewish Restaurant

We found this menu, complete with food stains, in Executive Vice President Gaynor Jacobson’s files on Cuba. The menu itself is, alas, undated, but we think it’s from around 1968.



9 thoughts on “Moishe Pipik’s Cuban Jewish Restaurant

    1. I believe the owner was arrested by the Castro regime, and may have died in prison. He was suspected of being a Batista supporter, according to individuals I know that lived near the restaurant in the late 50’s.

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      1. Not so. The owner was Reizel Weinstein. She left Cuba for Miami.I know because she is related to my wife (on her fathet’s side) and lived with my wife’s family in the ’60s.

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      1. My father-in-law lived on Inquisadora, near Acosta, where the restaurant was located. He claimed that someone that managed the restaurant was accused of being pro-Batista and jailed.


  1. Lowell, your father in law may of lived in calle inquisidor. The closest cross street to 211 Acosta was Compostela street. Boris Kalmanovitch from café Boris was a collaborator with the Batsta government. Killed on March 11, 1958. His three killers were apprehended and executed by the Batista police 13 days later.


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